In large cities, the number of buildings is ever-increasing – a factor in the emergingtendency to use helicopters, thanks to the time savings they make possible, which are important both for business purposes but also, and most importantly, in health emergencies.
In urban areas that are densely populated and affected by serious traffic problems, helicopters constitute the only mode of high-speed transport. Used for decades by VIPs and businesspeople, helicopters are ideal for shuttling back and forth between city centres and airports. The construction of helipads on rooftops represents a strategic solution to road traffic problems, and is also the perfect solution for the emergency services and specialist clinics.

For rooftops we manufacture a modular steel and aluminum helipad, complete with heliport lighting and heliport firefighting implant.

Our services range from:

Professional site selection;
Compliance with aeronautics regulations;
Engineering design;
Manufacture of helideck;
Helideck lighting;

Firefighting implant;
Fire protection equipment;
Turnkey construction;
All services and products are fully insured.