helidecks is able to put into practice its experience in installing refuelling systems. These consist of fuel tanks Jet-A1, pumps and distribution system. Our in-depth knowledge complies with CAP 437, ICAO VOL II ANNEX 14, IMO MODU, SOLAS and enhanced by RINA MIL certifications that enable Lloyds insurance coverage. Our systems are complete with all the refuelling and defuelling phases:

Jet-A1 Fuel Transfer from an External Supplier: Prior to being deployed in storage tanks, the first filtration stage takes place with the elimination of solid pollutants and water separation present (up to 0.5 micron).

Fuel storage takes place in removable tanks made of stainless steel AISI316L. Electronic probes transmit the level of product digitally. In the case of water detection, the startup of the supply pumps is blocked before the product arrives at the second separator filter.

The system includes centrifugal or volumetric filling pumps depending on project conditions with maximum yields and flow rates up to 300 lt / min. With inverter-controlled motors, Jet-A1 is transferred to the second separator filter and after to the filter monitor before reaching the hose. All filtration containers are made in AISI316L.

“Over-wing” fuel supply is provided with a delivery gun, while a “under-wing” or “wing attachment” under pressure with a motor driven hose.

The extracted fuel is sucked in a special tank, provided with a volumetric pump that assures up to 400 lt / min.

All the plant is managed and controlled by the “SVR” remote monitoring system on a color LED display. The software provides all the necessary parameters for a safe supply such as fuel temperature, differential pressure filters, flow rate, liters delivered and storage. The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controls the motorized valves by automatically setting up the various refueling, defuelling, recirculation, transfer and unloading circuits.

SVR perfectly fits with ship monitoring systems. It can be installed on PCs.