helidecks designs and manufactures flight assist systems with effective visual signals for approach and landing operation at night and under low visibility.

Visual aid for night operations consists of:

Beacon lights: to provide long-range and clear visual orientation in the middle of the surrounding lights;
Flood lights: to show the obstacles
FATO lights: to be positioned along the edges of the FATO (final approach and take-off area);
TLOF lights: to be positioned along the edges of the TLOF (Touchdown and Lifting Area);
Windsock light: to display windsock and wind direction;

In addition to these standard devices, we are able to provide the customer with a complete package of options to meet all their needs:

Approach Lights: To view the preferred approach direction;
Downing Heliport system: GDI (glide path system for military and naval applications);
Ndb system: A non-directional radio transmitter (NDB);
Helideck light control system, a complete control system for all helideck lights;
Helideck monitoring system , provides real-time information on weather conditions to safely support helicopter operations;
Calibration and certification of the whole implant.