A highly ecological product that is used exclusively for helidecks and nautical flooring. Our products are made of high quality materials and are built to last lifetime. Its high density and innovative elastic-mechanical structure makes it extremely resistant to impact and wear. We offer custom tailored solutions. We use the highest UV protection available, which means that your Heli-Teak contains the absolute best protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Excellent abrasion resistance as demonstrated by friction test and chemical agents, anti-skid, seamless, does not absorb water and ensures optimum safety in both humid and dry environments; anti-spark, flame retardant and capable of supporting thermal excursions ranging from -30 ° to + 115 ° C.


It is a product of technological innovation made in Italy designed to revolutionize the nautical sector made of a polyurethane teak-look resin created by our specialized technicians in our research and development lab.


Certificate product R.I.N.A. for fire class
Maximum coefficient of friction resistance (friction test)
Resistant to any spillage of the fuel by the helicopter
Material with high mechanical properties, essential for making HCA certified flights
Suitable to withstand expected loads from CAP437
The elasticity of the material allows to not have fractures and to support in dynamic loads from the landing of the helicopter

Certificate of resistance to aging for over 30 years
Material that does not heat up in extreme solar radiation
Customizable teak finish / Less expensive than teak
Durable material with minimal maintenance if not non-existent
It could be customized in any other situation
The teak design on the flight deck makes a final result of a unique aesthetic impact
Material also suitable for interior and exterior finishes of ship decks