helismart is an innovative product that is changing the world of helicopter landing systems.It is made in aluminum components, extremely weather and oxidation resistant and durable, different than other competitor’s products since it’s made of 100% recyclable environmentally friendly material. Lightness, transportability, modularity, extreme adaptability and reliability are the strengths of this “unique” system. In addition, helismart ® is easily removable, allowing a quick transportation and re-installment in other sites, ensuring durability in the investment.

heliSmart is what market wants, aiming to become the undisputed leader

Our product comply international standards recognized by ICAO , it is easy to transport, can be customized in colors and logo and can be equipped with daytime and night lighting systems complete with “SA GA SYS TEM” devices and “HAP I” vision system for the night approach, fire system and refueling units.

The ultra fast installation, the use of anti-skid finish aluminum makes helismart the most innovative and convenient helideck in the global helicopter scene. Helismart will be delivered locally, assembled and tested by highly specialized personnel. All systems comply with National and International regulations and with ICAO Annex 14. Helismart helipad system can be customized for various applications and equipe with:

Night light systems Daytime signs

Firefighting equipment

Electric generators

JET A1 fuel systems

Helipad Network System


Delivered with the system are:

_ Design calculations

_ Drawings with the listo f parts and materials

_ Materials certificates

_ ICAO Doc 9261 – AN/903 Heliport Manual

_ JAR – OPS 3 – Commercial Air Transportation (Helicopters)

_ ICAO Annex 14 Volume II – Heliports

_ CAP 437 – Offshore Helicopter Landing Area – Guidance

_ FAA AC No: 150/5390-2B – Heliport Design

_ Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation – DM February 1, 2006

_ Ministry of the Interior – Ministerial Decree 238, October 26, 2007

6_Top coat
5_Friction coat
4_Polyurethane coat
3_Protective layer
2_Primer coat
1_Aluminum substrate


Quick installati on: the product can be delivered, installed and ready to use in 5 days;

Versati lit y: helismart fits better than any other product to be installed in hostile environments where traditional techniques can’t be adopted;

Transportabilit y: helismart is completely portable within an air-elitransportable container;

Suit able fricti on surface: Sealed surface provides friction that meets the requirements of authorities and class I.E. no friction paint;

Easy transportati on: the reduced weight and the modularity of the elements which helismart is made of makes it easy to transport on any medium;

Savi ng during assembly: the smart design, special tools and the
excellent helidecks crew ensure quick and convenient assembly

No need of maintenance: Marine-resistant aluminum alloys are used. All details are designed to avoid corrosion problems. Only the marking painting is needed. Types of helicopters that can be used: all civilian and military
helicopters in the world.


maintenance service20 years3 years
marking durabilityhighlow
completion time5 days90 days
weight30kg/sq m800 kg (sp. 30cm)

WHY helismart?

100% recyclable

Light and strong

Elegant, basic and clean design

High modularity

Extreme adaptability and reliability

Easy to transport on any medium

No maintenance

Guaranteed 20 years