As experts in the civil engineering sector relating to the design of heliports, helipads and so-called “minor” airports, we can confidently deal with the design and construction of these structures and facilities thanks to our tried-and-tested quality controls, which includes both the manufacturing and installation aspects. To meet the exacting requirements of our clients, we often supply “turnkey” solutions complete with lighting systems, fire-prevention systems, winter heating systems and jet-A1 refuelling pumps. With our team of specialized technicians we work together with the customer from the initial design stages to the completion and the project itself. This process also meets the needs of customers requiring the approval of a certification body, ensuring full compliance with aeronautical and safety standards, for the purpose of issuing ministerial authorizations.

This holistic approach helps our field experts to identify and solve the potential challenges, which from time to time presents the different typologies of design, ensuring the achievement of standards of excellence also in the realization phase.

  • Specialist technical consultancy
  • Aeronautical compatibility study
  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering design services
  • Executive drafts
  • Certification assistance
  • Structural design of helipad
  • Direct supply equipment