Our company manufactures “turnkey” helidecks on board of mega yachts, dealing with design, project development, all hot machining and final testing. Once the aeronautical study of the yacht in question has been carried out, the SFA – SAFE LANDING AREA and the LOS – LIMITED OBSTACOL SECTOR are determined.
Our technical office calculates the mechanical incidence of the helicopter rotor flow on the environment around the helideck, as well as the thermal incidence of helicopter discharge cones. The teak finishing and the night-time assistance facility are provided according to the needs of the owner. All of our helidecks are made of anti-skid lining and provide the highest level of safety during landing and take-off.

The final test will ensure compliance with the international yacht passenger code – LY2 / LY3, cap 437 certification by certifying the helideck for its physical characteristics and “environmental effects”. Support equipment such as fire, aeronautical radio and weather station will be certified according to LY2 / LY3 “helicopter landing areas and helicopter operating standards”. Helidecks are manufactured and certified according to the Lloyd’s London Insurance standard. The style and design of our helidecks matches perfectly with every shipowner’s wishes.

Helidecks on boats are exposed to extreme environmental conditions, sea water, enormously high wind speeds and high sunlight make high demands on landing platforms and also on the safety of crews and riders. Various areas of the ship require special lighting requirements. Our technicians will take care of every needs in order to offer you the highest quality product and the highest technological standards and offer a product that can meet every customer’s needs.