helidecks is able to supervise and coordinate the inspection and certification of all ship bridges and offshore installations operating in international waters using international criteria (CAP437, PYC, LY2, LY3, LY4, ICAO) as a basis for inspections. The main safety concerns on any helideck are the dimensions and obstacles of the landing area, but also crew training, turbulence criteria, signage and lighting are important. After a careful inspection, we will be able to issue a Helicopter Inspection Report (HLAIR) and a helicopter landing area certificate (HLAC), such attestations are recognized by all flag companies and regulatory authorities and helicopter companies around the world (RINA, LLOYDS).

The key areas of the inspections carried out include:

Dimensional technical characteristics of the surface

lighting system for night flight enabling


Safety equipment

Fire-fighting measures

Study turbulence created by superstructure and drains

Crew training