helidecks for over 15 years is a brand of absolute guarantee in terms of reliability and professionalism in the aeronautics industry. We are specialists in designing and constructing helidecks on boats, on offshore platforms, on elevated and ground structures. We are able to provide “turnkey” helidecks with refueling, fire and lighting systems for every type of plant. With our team of specialized technicians we work with the customer from the initial design stages to the completion of the project. It also meets the needs of customers who require the approval of a certification body, ensuring full compliance with aeronautical and safety standards in order to issue ministerial authorizations. This holistic approach helps our field experts to identify and to solve the potential challenges, which from time to time present the different types of design, guaranteeing the achievement of standards of excellence even in the realization phase.The result is a faster and more efficient construction process.We use innovative systems and materials with custom solutions which meet the requirements of owners.