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Helidecks is able to supply “turnkey” aluminium helipads, which are assembled directly in the yard to the client's specifications. The helipad is manufactured in compliance with the internationally recognised ICAO standards, and can be provided complete with optional extras to meet the client's requirements, including a lighting system to facilitate night-time flying (complete with the new “SAGA SYSTEM” of azimuthal guidance for approach), a fire-prevention system, an ice-melting systemand refuelling pumps. The installation on the ship or platform is very much a "Plug & Play" operation.

Depending on the client's requirements, Helidecks is able to offer assembly-kit solutions that can be sent to any country. The assembly and installation of the helipad can be carried out by our highly qualified personnel on the ground, before being lifted as a whole onto the third-party support structure, or directly onto the Helidecks support structure.

The aluminium support structure weighs less than the landing surface, and it provides enormous advantages in terms of balancing on the fixed or floating platform, enabling the use of lighter reinforcements that would otherwise weigh down the vessel or the platform itself. Our aluminium assembly-kit helipads can be installed in a matter of days and are supplied complete with a sub-horizontal safety grid and perimeter eaves.

Time and again, over many years, our aluminium helipads have demonstrated their excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, even in the marine environment, without the requirement for specific protective surface treatments that would then require to be monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis.

Our clients

Our International client-base includes satisfied clients from these countries:

  •   Abu Dhabi;
  •   Australia;
  •   Azerbaijan;
  •   Brazil;
  •   Brunei;
  •   China;
  •   Denmark;
  •   Egypt;
  •   France;
  •   India;
  •   Indonesia;
  •   Iran;
  •   Japan;
  •   Korea;
  •   Malaysia;
  •   Mexico;
  •   New Zealand;
  •   Nigeria;
  •   Norway;
  •   Portugal;
  •   Qatar;
  •   Singapore;
  •   Thailand;
  •   UK;
  •   USA;
  •   Vietnam


The Helidecks team offers excellence in construction, design, installation and maintenance for helipads that are available 24/7 and on offshore platforms.

We also deal with:

  •   authorisations from all of the relevant aeronautical bodies in each country;
  •   certifications from the leading fire-prevention bodies;
  •   aeronautical studies;
  •   UKCAA CAP437/US RP2L/ICAO, or as per the client's specifications;
  •   structural design in line with BS 8118/Classification;
  •   other operating standards in compliance with the ENAC regulations;
  •   drafting of the OPERATOR'S manual;
  •   appointment of the OPERATOR;
  •   testing and trial landings.


Specialists in helipad and small heliport consultancy, management and construction.


A major strength of Helidecks is our ability to produce designs for aeronautical projects...


Consultancy services on safety standards, such as the required dimensions of the landing area...


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